Sieve Bend Screens (Sidehill, DSM, Parabolic)

Sieve Bend Screens (Sidehill, DSM, Parabolic) are custom designed to separate solids from
liquids in various applications including food processing, pulp and paper, waste water cleanup,
surface water intakes, corn wet milling, coal preparation, and gold recovery.The gravity-fed
Sieve Bend design provides for effective dewatering and allows the solids to slide off the end
of the screen surface.

sieve bend screen

The screening surface is a curved stainless steel wedge wire screen with the slot openings and
the wedge wires positioned perpendicular to the direction of flow. Typically, end bars are welded
on the top and bottom of the screen for strength and installation purposes.



We manufacture numerous combination of screen panel for static dewatering equipments. The dewatering screen have gravitary feed. The solid particles and the liquid are separated on a bend or folded wedge wire screen. The liquid flow through the panel screen, altought the solid particles roll down.

In order to optimized the performance of dewatering, we propose tilted wires panel screen adapted to each particular application.

DSM screen for sugar processing