Wedge Wire Screen Products for Sugar Industry

We offer high quality industrial screens suitable to use in mechanical screening, seperation, dewatering and filtration processes. Our solutions contribute to increase efficiency and support optimizing of processes running in your facilities.

We offer screens and other screen-based products for sugar industry:

  • Beet washer screens
  • Screens and screen decks for dewatering
  • Floors and screens of extractors
  • Wedge wire chutes
  • Dewatering screens
  • Conveyor screens
  • Screens for beet pulp presses
  • Candle filters and frames
  • Screens for mick slickening machines
  • Stone separating screens
  • Wedge wire centrifuge baskets
  • Separator screens
  • Rotary screens and drums
  • Sieve bend screens


rotating screens & cylinders sieve bend screens

centrifuges centrifuge baskets

Sieve bend screens and gutter screens with gravitational in-flow are used for non-pressure removal of solid particles from fluids. They are also used as a gutter-type element to dewater troughs of worm conveyors.