Sugar and Starch industry


Linker screen offers loop wire or wedgewire sieve bend screen for the starch industry. Heavy duty welded profile wire curved screen is mainly used in mining and coal industry.Sieve bend screens are used for mechanical separation of solid particles from liquids which slide down the panels. Hence it is also known as rundown screen or side hill screen. It is used in a wide range of industries such as:

  • Sugar Processing;
  • Starch industry;
  • Pulp & Paper;
  • Coal Mining & Quarrying;
  • Mineral Processing;
  • Cement.



Linker Screens starch baskets are custom made to fit into any existing or new centrifuge application. They improve starch refining by providing accurate and customized slot sizes, specific to your needs.

Features of the basket include:

  • Increased fiber dewatering compared to nickel screens
  • Extended wear life
  • Custom manufactured to each centrifuge design
  • Variable slot openings from 20 µm and up
  • Fine Vee-Wire construction prevents clogging
  • Capable of withstanding high backwash pressures

sieve bend screen sieve bend screen 1


Ideal for use in cossette mixers and extraction towers, these screens are typically constructed out of looped-wire construction, though Vee-Wire construction is also available.

  • High open area lends resistance to clogging
  • Strong resistance against abrasion
  • Customized slot sizes
  • Fine-wire available for fine sand removel