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Wedge wire screen/Cylinder screen/Flat screen

Screens can be designed and manufactured to suit for individual applications. E.g. Circular, reverse screens, screen baskets, pipe base, curved screens, sieve bends and more.

Our product is heat resistant, anti-corrosive, safe and reliable. It can be used for filtering different kinds of medium. We can produce wedge wire screens according to customers’ requirements.

Wedge wire screens are divided into two parts : a cylindrical screen and flat screens.

The Cylinder screen is mainly composed of V wire and support rod, each cross point connected in welding, solid structure, good mechanical properties. V-shaped cross-section to avoid clogging, while ensuring the smooth flow of water. Continuous slits have a greater flow areas which reducing ground water penetration speed and avoiding sand enter into the tube under large pressure.The gap may be varied depending on the geological factors, like deep well pump. Flat screens have good filtration and dehydration in the solid-liquid separation. We can produce customized screens which width. length, slit width and wedge wire size and the amount of filtration filter material are designed according to your requirements. Sieve is mainly used to sewage treatment, water purification laundry, poultry, fish, fruit and vegetable waste water treatment industry.

Material:Stainless Steel 304、304L、316、316L、904L、2205、2507、hastelloy.

Sieve bend screen/120 deg screen/DSM screen

Each screen is designed and manufactured to satisfy customer expectations.

Welded wedge wire screens are made from the V-shaped wedge wire and support rods. the V-shaped wedge wire is helically wound around an array of internal longitudinal support rods. Each intersection of wire and rods is automatically resistance welded, which creating a very strong cage-like cylinder with one continuous slot spiralling along its full length. The gap between the wires(also called slot or aperture), which is designed according to customers’ requirements, allows water to flow from the surrounding aquifer into the screen.

All our wedge wire screens can be supplied in standard material of SS304/ SS316/ SS316L. Many other material grades are available on request.

Non Plugging slots

  • V-shaped wire creating, two point particle contact preventing plugging.
  • Inwardly opening slots (in-flow) preventing sand particles from remaining lodged in screen.
  • The V-shaped wire enhances well efficiency, ensures consistent pumping and long lifetime.

Large Open Area

  • The continuous slot wedge wire offers higher open area than any other type of screens used for water well applications, such as slotted pipe, punched pipe, louver screens.
  • Wedge wires for each application are selected to maximize open area, resulting in the lowest possible cost for water extraction.