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Sieve Bend Screen Types

Sieve Bend Screen Types

The curved sieve bends can be used as pre-filters offering a high capacity and cost effective method of solids/liquids separation. It is also known as DSM static screen or gravity fed screen.

One Piece Curved Screen

The original option to replace wedge wire. The one piece curved sieve bend offers a lighter option which improves wear life and process efficiency.


Modular Curved Screen

Another option is our modular curved sieve bend. Similar to that of the one piece curved bend, the modular design splits the one piece bend, making change outs a simple process as you are only required to change areas of high wear.

curved screen

Static Screen

The latest innovation by Screenex is the static screen design. This sieve bend has been manufactured to maximise the use of the modular panel design allowing for efficient use of all individual panels.

Sugar and Starch industry


Linker screen offers loop wire or wedgewire sieve bend screen for the starch industry. Heavy duty welded profile wire curved screen is mainly used in mining and coal industry.Sieve bend screens are used for mechanical separation of solid particles from liquids which slide down the panels. Hence it is also known as rundown screen or side hill screen. It is used in a wide range of industries such as:

  • Sugar Processing;
  • Starch industry;
  • Pulp & Paper;
  • Coal Mining & Quarrying;
  • Mineral Processing;
  • Cement.



Linker Screens starch baskets are custom made to fit into any existing or new centrifuge application. They improve starch refining by providing accurate and customized slot sizes, specific to your needs.

Features of the basket include:

  • Increased fiber dewatering compared to nickel screens
  • Extended wear life
  • Custom manufactured to each centrifuge design
  • Variable slot openings from 20 µm and up
  • Fine Vee-Wire construction prevents clogging
  • Capable of withstanding high backwash pressures

sieve bend screen sieve bend screen 1


Ideal for use in cossette mixers and extraction towers, these screens are typically constructed out of looped-wire construction, though Vee-Wire construction is also available.

  • High open area lends resistance to clogging
  • Strong resistance against abrasion
  • Customized slot sizes
  • Fine-wire available for fine sand removel

Advantages of Wedge Wire Screen

The advantages of the wedge wire screen:

1. The screen is made by wedge wire and support rod, it won’t be blocked easily. It could be washed for many times and long working life, and saving the producing cost
2. The surface of the screen is smooth and no angular, and then the material could flow fluently.
3. The wedge wire and support rod are welded together, it is solid and long lifespan.
4. The size of the slot is accurate, so it can ensure the quality of the matter.
5. The wedge wire screen could be made to multiple forms, such like the plate, round, rectangle, oval, cylindrical, tapered, camber, fan-shaped, basket, vibrating screen, and so on.
Linker is a professional manufacturer of the Johnson filter pipe, sieve bend screen, wedge wire screen pipe, wedge wire screen panel and basket., Our products are widely used in power oil wells, Natural gas well, chemical engineering, mining industry, paper-making industry, environmental protection industry, metallurgic, food industry, sand prevention, decorate etc. We assure all the clients the high quality, reason price, good service! Welcome to inform us if anything in need.

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